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Welcome to a new world

The Series

The Scrolls of Zndaria introduce readers to five unlikely heroes who must overcome their differences and learn to work together to stop evil from conquering their world.


The first five books each introduce one of our heroes. Their stories are intertwined so things that happen in our first book, The Golden Wizard, are seen from a different point of view in each of the next four books.

In the last two books, the heroes must work as a team to prevent the end of Zndaria as they know it.

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The World of Zndaria

The World

Welcome to Zndaria, a realm where magic blooms, monsters abound, and heroes are born from the unlikeliest of places. Immerse yourself in the epic world created by J.S. Jaeger, and join the greatest adventure - for all ages and of all time!

The Characters

These stories are not just adventures; they're lessons about friendship, bravery, and more! Follow the characters as they navigate friendships, fight tough battles, and work hard to accomplish their goals. Their exciting adventures will teach readers of all ages important lessons - in a fun way!

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