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Autographed by the author!

A magical world at war. An alliance is forged.

After tragedy strikes Cenaya’s kingdom, the king of Taycod welcomes her as one of his own. When she uncovers secrets about her adoptive family, her perfect life begins to crumble. She must choose: ignore this new-found knowledge or become the leader her people desperately need.

Either path requires a decision of trust. Can she rely on her mysterious father and the dazzling royal family? Is there more to the alluring man who speaks of spreading peace across the land? Or should she help Nate, a young man who suddenly appears in her life?

Newly appointed as the Golden Wizard, Nate is tasked with recruiting Cenaya to join their fight, but he isn’t the only one seeking her aid. Her unique power will either hinder the evil spreading across their land or embolden it. She must choose a side.

Cenaya’s decision will determine freedom or bondage, for her and for the world of Zndaria.

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The Alamist Queen (Scroll 2)

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