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Book Club

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The Scrolls of Zndaria Book Club provides:​

Learning they'll love!

Students discuss the action with friends, while falling in love with reading

Real life connections!

Meaningful conversations forge powerful connections over reading

Easy to implement activities!

Little to no planning time required, making it SUPER EASY for you!

Connect With Students | Promote a Love of Stories | Engage Readers


Bring Learning to Life | Hook Reluctant Readers | Provide Engaging Activities

How It Works:

Join the Club

Purchase the Scrolls of Zndaria Book Club based on The Golden Wizard.

Select number of books desired for your classroom set and virtual author visit add-ons.

Get Started

 Check your email for shipping details, downloadable book club activities, and a suggested schedule.


Decide with students whether to discuss the friendship, social issues, or hard work theme.

Enjoy the club!

Work our way through

The Golden Wizard with your book club.


Have meaningful conversations, make connections, and develop a love for reading through the provided activities and outline. 

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