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When will the next book be released?
We strive to produce the quality books in a timely manner. Jerry has completed the creative draft of our third scroll, The Rogue, and Stephanie has completed her first rewrite. We expect to release it by Summer 2021.

Jerry has also started our first Dark Scroll which will tell the backstory of one of our villains.

We will share more information about it's release dates as they get closer. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be one of the first to hear!

What's different about the Scrolls of Zndaria and the Short Scrolls of Zndaria?
Our main series, Scrolls of Zndaria, is told from the point of view of our five main heroes. As we've outlined the rest of the series, we realized there were several exciting adventures not seen by our main heroes. The Short Scrolls of Zndaria are the stories of a select number of minor characters. They don't need to be read in any particular order.

​Our first short scroll, The Dragon Slayer, tells the story of Nate's brother, Ted. Our second one, Healing Hands, tells the story of their sister, Denya. Both stories parallel The Golden Wizard.

What ages can read your books?
The Scrolls of Zndaria and Short Scrolls of Zndaria are magical reads for all ages. They are targeted for ages 9-12, but all ages have and do enjoy them.

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